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Featured Athletes

Ethan Wolfenbarger

2.0 years ago

Ethan Wolfenbarger Baseball

Ethan has one of the best swings in the state. He just knew how to put the bat on the ball. The kid was a brawler at the plate. Ethan played defensive back for the football team. He’s a great player to have around, he did a little of everything. He was very calm under pressure and knew his role and wanted the team to win. So excited for his future. Thank you for all you did for the program, Wolf. Love you - Coach. 

Callen Tanaka

2.0 years ago

Callen Tanaka Baseball

Cal is very dependable and solid at everything he does. 3 sport athlete which included football and wrestling. Never met anyone that doesn’t love him and want him around. He stays pretty quiet, but makes up for it in his good attitude and game performance. One of the most coachable kids around. Worked so hard at everything he did. Big time hunter and outdoorsman. His future is bright. Going to miss you, Moose. Love you - Coach. 


Gavin Hirschi

2.0 years ago

Gavin Hirschi Baseball

Gavin was a pitcher for the Rams. He is one of the best humans alive. He keeps everyone light-hearted and has a great, positive attitude which is infectious with his teammates. He was a true team player. He’s an avid mountain biker and has a great future ahead of him. Love you Gav - Coach. 

Braxton Wilhelm

2.0 years ago

Braxton Wilhelm Baseball

Braxton was our utility infielder, he did everything well. Braxton will never stop working to better himself. He is always ready for competition and makes sure that he learns from his mistakes. He is a great example for our underclassmen with his work ethic. He worked himself into the lineup his junior year and never let up. He played wide receiver on the football team. The kid just gets the job done at everything he does. Thank you for being you, Brax. Love you - Coach 


Seth Nate

2.0 years ago

Seth Nate Baseball

Seth has been an outstanding leader for our team for many years. He’s been the Rams shortstop for 4 years. His maturity and work ethic have set a great example for his teammates and his good attitude has taught everyone a lot. He was a solid defensive back for the football team...but, he’s a baseball player, plain and simple. He is what you call, a “gamer”. He always wanted the big spot in the game. Wasn’t afraid of anyone or any challenge. He changed this program for the better.  You’re going to be hard to replace, Seth. Love you - Coach

Dalton Jones

2.0 years ago

Dalton Jones Baseball

Dalton was a pitcher and outfielder for us. One of the best athletes in the state. He excelled at running back for the Rams football team and was a dual threat for the baseball team. Dalton works hard in everything he does. He excels wherever we need him to and puts forth the extra work to make that possible. Very loving and coachable young man. Won’t ever forget you, Dalt. Love you - Coach. 


Dylan Jester

2.0 years ago

Dylan Jester Baseball

Dylan was our starting catcher for 3 years. Dylan is one of the hardest workers in the state. He works on his baseball craft daily. Not only a talented catcher, but a very talented football player. He works hard to achieve goals, and he set a good example for his teammates. He excelled at calling games for his pitchers. He helped shape the culture of this program. One of the best trash talkers in the history of sports. We will miss you dearly, Dyl. Love you - Coach 


Brittany Piquet

2.0 years ago

Brittany Piquet Tennis

Brittany played tennis all 4 years and the past 2 on varsity. Brittany put a lot of time working on her game during the off season. Her lefty serve and spin made her very difficult to play.

McKay Ellis

2.0 years ago

McKay Ellis Tennis

This was McKay’s 3rd year on the girls’ varsity team playing mixed doubles with fellow senior, Sam Bacon.  McKay was part of last year’s district team title and 3rd place team finish at State. McKay was in position to have a great senior season with her eyes set on State. After graduation, McKay will be studying Business Management and Human Resources at Utah State University. 

Connor Muhonen

2.0 years ago

Connor Muhonen Tennis

Connor played tennis for 2 season at Highland. He keeps himself busy after school working at McDonalds where he was promoted to a manager position. After graduation he will be heading to Philadelphia to serve an LDS mission. He plans to study Bio-chemistry at Idaho State University once he returns

James Warren

2.0 years ago

James Warren Tennis

James played tennis the past 2 seasons. James is a very hard worker with a great attitude. He was also involved in Trouveres at Highland working on the stage crew. After graduation, James plans to serve an LDS mission before attending Utah State University.


Gillian Hansen

2.0 years ago

Gillian Hansen Tennis

Gillian has been a four year starter and part of 2 district championship teams and last year’s 3rd place team finish at the State tournament. Each year Gillian’s role on the team became bigger and bigger. She was named Girls Captain and played #1 Mixed doubles with partner Jason Wright. They were the team to beat in our conference and would have done very well at State if the season hadn’t been cut short. She is a wonderful young lady with a bright future.

Tyson Burrup

2.0 years ago

Tyson Burrup Tennis

This is Tyson’s 4th season playing for Highland, first year on varsity. Tyson is involved in Student Government serving as the Senior Class Vice President. After graduation Tyson will be serving an LDS mission in Pittsburgh, PA. He plans to Study Biology at Idaho State University after his mission.


David Brock

2.0 years ago

David Brock Tennis

David played tennis for 3 season at Highland starting on varsity his final season. David has worked very hard in the off season to improve his game. He would have had a very successful season had it not been cut short. After graduation he plans to serve an LDS mission and attend BYU-Idaho when he returns.

Jason Wright

2.0 years ago

Jason Wright Tennis

Jason has played tennis all 4 years of high school. He was the JV Captain for 2 years and a member of the varsity team the last 2 seasons. Jason also played 4 years on the football team and 2 years playing on the basketball team. He is a great athlete with incredible speed. After graduation, Jason has been called to serve an LDS mission in Torreon, Mexico.         

Jaxson Nield

2.0 years ago

Jaxson Nield Tennis

Not only has Jaxson been a 4-year starter and currently the #1 singles player, Jaxson is extremely accomplished on the school Debate team. He is a 2-time state champion in both individual and team competition. Jaxson and his debate partner, Arunabh Sarkr qualified for Nationals where they finished in 7th place. In August, Jaxson will be serving an LDS mission in Japan. After he returns, he will be attending the University of Pennsylvania where he will be studying dentistry on a full academic scholarship.

Sam Bacon

2.0 years ago

Sam Bacon Tennis

Sam has played on the varsity tennis team 3 out of the 4 years mostly playing boys doubles and mixed doubles. Sam is also a member of Trouveres. After high school Sam will be serving an LDS mission in Toronto, Canada. When he returns he plans to attend BYU-Idaho.

DJ Shore

2.0 years ago

DJ Shore Tennis

DJ is a 2-sport athlete in both basketball and tennis. DJ lettered 2 years on the basketball team and 3 years on the tennis team. DJ and his doubles partner, Stephen Livermore started off this season very strong becoming one of the top doubles teams in the district. DJ will be graduating with high honors and plans to attend Utah State University once he returns from his LDS mission in Argentina.


Nate Carter

2.0 years ago

Nate Carter Tennis

Nate is a 2-sport athlete excelling in both basketball and tennis. Nate’s size and quickness on both courts makes him extremely tough to handle. Nate received 2 varsity letters for basketball and 3 on the tennis team. Last year Nate and his partner Lauren Harding finished 2nd in mixed doubles at districts qualifying for State. Nate has been called to serve an LDS mission in Alabama. He plans to attend Utah State University when he returns.


Stephen Livermore Tennis

Tanner Morgan

2.0 years ago

Tanner Morgan Tennis

Tanner is a two sport athlete for Highland High School. He has lettered the past 3 years in both soccer and tennis. Tanner’s breakthrough tennis season was last year when he finished 3rd in singles at the district tournament punching his ticket to state. This season, Tanner earned the #1 doubles position with partner, Nate Carter. After high school, Tanner will be attending the University of Utah on a full ride academic scholarship. Before he attends the U of U, Tanner plans to serve an LDS mission.

Josh Potter

2.0 years ago

Josh Potter Track


Josh and Kaitlyn were both first year track and field athletes and both seniors, and we were so sad to see this season get cut short for them! They both came out in order to stay active and get better for upcoming college opportunities, and we were impressed by how positive they were and how hard they worked in the few short weeks we had with them. 

Kaitylyn Harris

2.0 years ago

Kaitlyn Harris Track


Josh and Kaitlyn were both first year track and field athletes and both seniors, and we were so sad to see this season get cut short for them! They both came out in order to stay active and get better for upcoming college opportunities, and we were impressed by how positive they were and how hard they worked in the few short weeks we had with them. 

Isaiah Wright

2.0 years ago

Isaiah Wright Track


Isaiah has been a wonderful student athlete for our program over the last 4 years. He was a kid that always brought a ton of energy to practice and was supportive of all his teammates. Unfortunately, after his freshman year he had to deal with a few injuries that slowed his progress in the throwing events down, but he always came to work and worked hard while there. Isaiah will be greatly missed as he moves onto college, you can not replace such a great kid. 

Kyleigh Thomas

2.0 years ago

Kyleigh Thomas Track


Kyleigh began throwing last year as a junior and picked things up rather quickly in the shot put, the discus was a different story. She was one of those athletes you watch and say to yourself “Why did you not come out as a freshman?” Her potential was high, and she had started off her season well at our only meet. She was the definition of dedicated. She worked hard all off season moving to a rotation technique in the shot put, which can be difficult, and showed great improvement in the discus. She qualified for state in both events as a junior and had a good opportunity to improve on where she finished last year. Kyleigh worked hard, had a great attitude and showed up everyday ready to go. She will be another irreplaceable athlete that will be missed greatly. 

Jordyn King Track

2.0 years ago

Jordyn King Track


Jordyn joined the team as a sophomore. She showed up at an indoor track practice at Holt and I convinced her to come try out high jump. She was tall and she looked springy during the warm ups. She was hesitant but very willing to try. Jordyn stuck with it and was a successful jumper. She jumped 5 feet her first year and made it to state. Her junior year was met with some hardship with a knee injury. Jordyn held on strong and worked through a mental and physical battle all season. She came back for her senior year working through the same battle in a different way. Jordyn has been an excellent teammate the last 3 years, always supportive and helping her teammates out through the good and bad. 

McKenna Bringhurst

2.0 years ago

McKenna Bringhurst Track


McKenna has been with the team since her sophomore year. She started long jumping and triple jumping her junior year, she was also a determined hurdler. McKenna is a hard worker every day and always looking for ways to get better. She has made a lot of growth in the jumps. She suffered from a knee injury at the end of her junior season. This  season started out well and McKenna looked ready to go for the year. She has been an excellent teammate showing up for practice everyday and being there for all her teammates. 

Jason Page

2.0 years ago

Jason Page Track


Jason has worked tirelessly the last few years on the track.  We have had the pleasure of watching him get stronger and better each year in the sprints, he was always willing to push himself through each painful workout in order to be better for his next race.  He contributed to some strong relays over the years and was also one of the top sprinters on the boys side during his time on the team. Jason has an excellent work ethic, there is no doubt he will go on to do great things! 

Ozden Fullmer

2.0 years ago

Ozden Fullmer Track

Ozden came out to Track as a Junior in order to get better and stronger for football.  It was evident how he handled himself at practice that he was a hard worker, and each day paid off for him.  For joining track late in the game, Ozden excelled and definitely added speed to our boys side.


Adam Jones

2.0 years ago

Adam Jones Track


Adam has been with the track team the last 4 years. As a freshman, the team was about 40 athletes and practicing at Franklin Middle School. From the first year, Adam showed his hard work and how much he cared about track. He is always looking for how he can get better physically and mentally. Adam was always willing to help his teammates whenever needed. I could always count on him to help his team and coach everyday. Adam has been a well rounded athlete with doing multiple events for the team. He has competed in triple jump, long jump, discus, shot, pole vault, and multiple running events. Adam is looking to continue his track and education career at Idaho State University or BYU-I.

Elana Sanford

2.0 years ago

Elana Sanford Track

Elana is our fastest returning 800 meter athlete, and has helped take our 4 X 800 meter team to the state championships the last 3 years.  Elana is a very talented athlete and plans on attending Brigham Young University-Idaho.


Halli Austin

2.0 years ago

Halli Austin Track


As a freshman, Halli was part of the team of about 40 athletes practicing at Franklin Middle School. Halli has been a great asset to the team for high jump and running. She has competed at state the last 3 years for high jump and placed 3rd at state in 2018 as a sophomore. Halli has competed in multiple events for the team. Her hard work every day at practice has allowed her to be successful and grow physically and mentally as a track athlete. She has competed in pole vault, long jump, 4x400, and 4x800. Halli is a multipurpose athlete that has helped take our 4 X 800 meter team to the state championships the last 3 years.  Halli is looking to continue her academic and track career at Weber State University, where she is looking to compete as a multi event athlete.

Kris Flores

2.0 years ago

Kris Flores Track


Kris began throwing his sophomore year, and as most do struggled at first to pick up the intricacies of the technique. He kept working hard and began to show improvements quickly as the season progressed. His junior year came around and he was dealing with an injury which held him back a little but again he continued to improve as the year passed. This year he had made several tremendous jumps with his technique and would have had a strong season. He was a great kid to work with, who continued to show his dedication and work ethic even if things did not always go as well as hoped. His personality and work ethic will be missed.

Zoe Christensen

2.0 years ago

Zoe Christensen Track


Zoe is a middle distance runner that has been one of the most dedicated athletes on the team.  Zoe has worked hard each and every year and was poised to close out her senior year at the top of her game.  She has lettered in the 800 meters and has played a big role in making our 4 X 800 teams one of the best in the district. Zoe has signed with the College of Southern Idaho, where she plans on continuing her running career.

Shondiin Farmer

2.0 years ago

Shondiin Farmer Softball

Shondiin Farmer is full of strength and power and a smile on her face.  Shondiin was very happy to do whatever she needed to do for the team.  Her coaches and teammates loved seeing her step into the batter’s box and use that power as an offensive weapon.  Shondiin is an infielder with a strong arm but  was also going to have an opportunity to use that arm strength in the outfield this season.  Shondiin was also a member of the Rams basketball team!


Makayla Mauger

2.0 years ago

Makayla Mauger Softball


Makayla Mauger has found herself in the center of the field for the Rams the last 2 seasons.  Kayla has been a force in the pitching circle and will get to continue with that role as she steps on the field for Eastern Oregon this Fall.  Makayla is very powerful as a pitcher but also offensively.  As a true lefty, she poses a great threat to the defense when she steps into the batters box.  Eastern Oregon is getting a great player with a wonderful attitude.  Great Career Makayla... GO RAMS!!

Jordan Frasure

2.0 years ago

Jordan Frasure Softball


Jordan Frasure will be continuing her softball career at Idaho State University this Fall.  Jordan has been a Varsity player for the Rams since her 9th grade year.  She is an outstanding catcher with a very strong arm but more impressive than that is her offensive abilities.  Last season, Jordan led our team in most of the offensive categories.  She was a huge part of the Rams success over the past couple of years and we are so excited she will soon be a Bengal. Congrats Jordan...Go Rams 

Raquel Pokibro

2.0 years ago

Raquel Pokibro Softball

Raquel Pokibro has been playing outfield for the Rams during the past 2 seasons.  Raquel has quickness and great arm strength which is what you want in an outfielder.  Offensively she is very versatile and able to use the left side to find her way on base, which is where we like to see her with all of that speed.  Raquel was also a Highland Ram basketball player!  Great Job Raquel...GO RAMS!!


Makayia Anderson

2.0 years ago

Makayia Anderson Softball

Makayia Anderson has been an outstanding player for the Rams since earning a starting spot on the varsity team as a freshman.  She has filled important defensive roles in the infield and outfield.  Makayia is definitely one of the best baserunners that the Rams have ever had and fortunately she is a great hitter and finds herself on the bases a lot.  Makayia will be continuing her love of softball in Walla Walla, Washington in the Fall.  Congrats Makayia..GO RAMS!